10 tips for things to do in the LAST WEEK before RETURNING TO WORK AFTER MATERNITY LEAVE

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If you have decided to transition from being a stay at home mom to a working mom or are returning to work after maternity leave, let me tell you that GOING BACK TO WORK IS HARD period.

  • Is there anyway I do not have to go back to work?
  • Will my baby be taken care of the right way?
  • Am I being selfish?
  • Will I be able to manage both work and home?
  • We have come up with such a nice routine,   will  me going back to work disrupt this?

I have asked myself these questions and I’am sure if you are a working mom, you have too.

But let me assure you, if it is a job you love, this will be one of the nicest things you do for yourself.

Loving your job does not make you a bad mom.

I ‘am constantly trying to find ways as a working mom to manage my home and job efficiently so that I can keep myself away from the dreaded “working mom’s guilt”

Maternity leave seemed like a long vacation when it started. But when being a new mom and having a baby to care for 24*7 time truly flies.

Its finally the last week before you have to go to work. Along with soaking in every smile and cuddle with your little one let me give you my best tips of things I did in the last week before going back to work to make the transition easy for me and my family

Write to your future self

This is a super effective step you should definitely try. Write the positive things that going back to work can bring to your life. Write what is the real reason you want to go back to work. Imagine your future self too tired and thinking of quitting, what would you say to her?

This is going to be your bible once you resume work and have “ I cannot do this! Its too hard” days. Looking back to my list definitely helps me see the bigger picture and keeps me going.

Make a schedule

Write down lists of things that you would like to get done every day and week, after you resume work. Cleaning, cooking and self care can be some of the categories that you can add things to.

Add this to your calendar and set up an example week by spreading out cleaning chores. So along with your daily cleaning you will take up one big task a day. For example If Tuesday is the day you clean bathrooms then let Wednesday be the day when you change all the bed sheets.

Same with self care. Plan out your daily skin care routine, weekly face mask day and monthly saloon visits. Mark it on your calendar.

Plan ahead with the person your baby is going to be with

Assuming that by this time you have a set up in place, of who is going to take care of your baby, try and get the nanny to come in at least a week before you resume work. It will help the baby get adjusted to being cared by someone else other than you.

You can show them exactly how your baby’s routine is. It will also ease your nerves because you can SEE how nanny is handling everything.

Here is a great article that goes into step by step of how to get the baby adjusted to this new person

Set a time chart

Plan what you need to get done before leaving to work in the morning. Reverse planning is the best method for this. Start off by deciding when exactly you have to leave to work to get to office on time, then plan backwards.

Eg ; 30 minutes to cook breakfast, 15 minutes to do a quick cleaning, 15 minutes to shower and dress up, 10 minutes to have your breakfast, 10 minutes to change nappy and keep things ready for nanny etc. Make sure you add in 10 minutes of buffer time so that if your kid cries or is upset, you get that time to hold and soothe him/her before leaving.

This time chart will tell you exactly when you need to wake up to be on time every single day.

No pending work

If there is any work that you can get done before starting work, get it done! If there is a light bulb that needs to get fixed, bills that need to be paid, people you need to visit etc. Get it done!

Clean out

If you can get a major cleaning done one or two days before going to work, that will be great.  Visual clutter can become mental clutter. When everything is neat and organized, your mind feels free and in control.

So Call in help and go on a cleaning spree and remember to purge everything that you don’t need.

Go shopping

Let’s be honest! Shopping can cure a lot of mental depression and anxiety. That feeling of coming back home and dumping the shopping bags on the floor and going through each piece of clothing then putting up a little fashion show, Pure ecstasy! Doctors should start prescribing this instead of medicines for mental anxiety.

So get your girlfriends and put those shopping shoes on! This way you do not have to go back to work wearing altered maternity wear.

Plan with your husband and schedule in the going out time

There are a few things you can do before hand to avoid the feeling that you are not spending enough time with your baby. One of these is to find a day that works for you and your husband as “going out day”. Ours was Friday. So every Friday after I returned from work we go out as a family someplace where baby can get some fresh air. Make this an absolute priority

After a long week at work just being with your baby, watching him laugh, all the kisses and hugs plus spending time with your husband depletes any guilt you might have about going back to work.

Sunday should be noneday

Do not push every cleaning, laundry, shopping to the weekend. This is the worst mistake working moms do. Try and get done as much as you can during the week.

Break the task and do it every day. Ideally you should not have anything scheduled for Sunday, spend it with you little one and just relax. Trust me! this will make waking up on a Monday morning a lot easier.

Be kind to yourself

Remember you cannot do it all. Do not expect yourself to be doing extraordinarily well at work while keeping your home spotless and spending lots of time with your kids and husband. It is not possible. Stop torturing yourself and just be nice to avoid a melt down.

Let me know if these tips work for you. Do you have any additional tips for me? I would love to hear them.



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