About Me

Hi I’m Musfira ( I know that’s a mouthful) How about Muffi ?

Malayali born and raised in Bangalore

Can speak in five languages

Total romantic movie fanatic. I’m talking sappy romantic movies, the typical chick flicks with cheesy dialogues.

Chocoholic (Not the fancy swizz or Belgium dark chocolate filled with creamy caramel brulee topped with roasted hazel nuts stuff. NO! Give me a huge bar of plain Cadbury dairy milk and I will nod in approval to everything you say)

Music is therapeutic to me. I believe listening to right music can change your state of mind instantly.

I indulged in all of that when I had loads of free time in BC (Before Children)


Relocated to Kerala and living with in laws.

Wife to a wonderful man and mom of a one year old of who I’m still trying to find a STOP button to. At least give me a PAUSE button dear lord, I could use that time to take a shower in peace. The little one has energy levels that can put Usain Bolt to shame and a smile that can light up the world. He’s my bundle of joy.

Everything on the list of perfect life is checked off BUT

Yes, there is a BUT. Here’s why.

Staying at home and spending all my time and energy on household chores was draining my mind, body and soul. What do I do with my years of education and skills I picked up along the way. I needed an outlet to free myself into. I needed to be ME.


I zeroed in on a passion that I can indulge in. I started WRITING. This blog is a result of that.


So, I got a job. Now I work full time at a real estate firm. I have a reason to get up and put my make up on. I can have conversations that was so much more than which new curtain the neighbour bought or how red does the authentic Kashmiri chilli powder look.

But being a working mom comes with more than just a pretty pay check. Its challenging.

I’m on a constant look out of what can help me manage all these roles efficiently while keeping the most important person happy “ME”. You cannot GIVE from an empty cup right?

“Im just a girl trying to find a place in this world”

(You are awesome if you know which song this line is from)


Make new friends and share what simple things I learn to make motherhood as fun and uncomplicated as possible.

Help you discover what makes you MORE and how to pursue your passion without compromising on that “BALANCE” that we all love.

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