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Kids fall sick more often than we do. We aren’t up for any trial and error situation with them, so we seek doctor’s help faster than we would for ourselves. Doctors love to fill in their prescription form with every medicine under the sky for a cold and cough. Result? My cupboard looks like a mini pharmacy.

Kid’s medicines are sweet, so a bottle not screwed tight will have ants and other insects on them which is not hygienic.

I was looking for a box with a lid where I can store my son’s medicines neatly, so it does not get mixed with our medicines.

When I came across this box, it instantly drew me in as it looked good and was affordable as well. It is supposed to be a first aid box, but I planned on storing my kid’s medicine in it.

Milton is a well-known brand, so I was sure of the quality. Hence, I quickly ordered it on Amazon.

Here is what I think of it.



  • It is a white matte finish plastic box with a bright red handle, a bright red lock and a green “plus” sign.
  • There is a partition tray inside with four sections to segregate your medicines.
  • It has a see through lid with a handle.
  • It measures 23.6×15.3×14 cms and weighs 422 gms.
  • It is priced at 231 rs.

When I received the product, it certainly looked like it did in the pictures. I was happy with the size of it. It looked neat and pretty and fit in my son’s wardrobe perfectly.

A handy tip while storing kid’s medicines

Take plain white labels, cut them and stick them on the medicine bottle. On this label you can write what the medicine is for, dosage, prescribed time and the expiry date.

Now if my son suddenly has a stomach pain or a blocked nose, I or my husband can quickly look at the label and give him the medicine. 

Here is how I organized  the medicine box

I put all the ointments and cotton roll in the tray for easy access and I used the bottom portion to store all the bottled syrups.

  • It is made of good quality plastic, so is durable
  • It is compact and does not take up much space in your wardrobe
  • Has a secure lock which cannot be easily opened by kids
  • Has enough space to fit it quite a few medicines. You can see in the pictures that I still have plenty of space left for more medicines, which I hope I will not need to use.
  • Has a neat design and looks pretty, which is always a plus.
  • Has a convenient tray with segregation so that we do not have to search for ointments and tablets.
  • Comes at an affordable price.

I really could not think of any cons.


Overall rating – 4.5 out of 5




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