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It is close to impossible to keep a house clean once you have a toddler running around. Bits of paper everywhere, toys scattered, furniture out of place, remains of food here and there.

All these are common sites in my house. I try really hard to keep my house clean. So I’m constantly putting away stuff and straightening things up.

One evening as I was sitting on the couch watching tv, my little one was running around doing his own thing. As my program stopped for a commercial break I looked to check why was there an unusual silence around, especially when kiddo was in the house.

I saw that he had found his object of interest, a colorful piece of card. He was looking at it and trying hard to tear it. I did not want to clean up a mess, so I walked to him, took the paper off his hand and glanced at it. It was my degree certificate. Oh god! If he tore that certificate, I would be spending the next half of my lifetime going to the university again, writing a hundred request forms and meeting a million different people.

This happened a few times. Yes I can keep it under a lock and key but who has the time to find the key and unlock the cupboard every time you need something from it. Moreover I will keep that key in a “safe place’ and forget that place. It’s going to happen for sure.

I decided to find a place where these were accessible and safe. I did have a nice small cabinet under my dressing table but I could not find the key to its lock. So I looked for different locks online and came across this kids safety lock. I read a few reviews and immediately bought it from Amazon.

Here is what I think of it.

  • It is a blue and white plastic lock with a strong double sided tape attached on both sides. It is also available in yellow colour
  • The double sided tape does not leave any residue on the cabinet when peeled off.
  • It is priced at Rs 130 
  • It came in a plastic cover, undamaged and looked satisfactory


Here is how I used it

I removed the double sided tape’s protective sheet from one end and pasted it securely on one side of cabinet. I did the same with other end. Just to check how secure it is, I pulled and tugged at the cabinet but it did not budge.


The lock is very easy to use. It works how the lock of the battery compartment in our normal TV remotes work. It is very secure and easy to lock and unlock but luckily my kid hasn’t figured it out yet and hopefully he won’t for a long long time.

Review summed up
  • Easy to put together and start using
  • Made of good quality plastic
  • The glue on the double sided tape is very strong, it is not going to come off no matter what!
  • Can be used in a variety of ways on all kinds of cupboards, cabinets and electrical appliances like fridge, microwave etc
  • Easy to lock and unlock for us but kids cannot easily figure it out hence ensures safety of things kept inside the cabinets from the little monsters ?
  • Design of the product could be more appealing
  • Pricing is the not in the most affordable range

Overall rating 3.5 out of 5



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